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What's so good about Phoenix, Arizona?

What's so good about Phoenix, Arizona?
Doing a project for school about Phoenix Arizona, can someone help???
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Phoenix Suns basketball team ;)

130F in the summer?

We know where McCain is.

well i lived there for a whole year its hot lol and when its cold its cold. diverse people of all ethnics

Well first of all it has...well you see...check this out...ok..it is a place where you would...hmm...I can tell you this...if i was to move there I would...hmm...this is what I know about the place...well...Ok I have it..no wait..hmm...I think...no wait...Ok Ok...got it...it is a place where you can be....no...hmm..well you see...I heard..no..hmm...Ok..you see...well...hmm...If I...no...hmm

The weather, that's about it. It has a lot of violent crime thanks to all the immigrants from good old Mexico. I think 40% of all crime is by illegals.

Cardinals,Suns.Diamondbacks Great weather Great restaurants Great resorts Great parks Salt river tubing Hiking Etc.

Waiting to Exhale, Song of the South, The Gauntlet, Psycho, Raising Arizona, Jerry Maguire, The Prophecy, Used Cars, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (used as a stand-in for San Dimas, California), U Turn, Eight Legged Freaks, Private Lessons, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, Never Been Thawed, Just One of the Guys, Terminal Velocity, Taxi, and The Banger Sisters were all shot here. Several museums are scattered around the valley including the Phoenix Art Museum. One of the most well-known museums in the area is the Heard Museum just north of downtown. It has over 130,000 square feet (12,000 m²) of gallery, classroom and performance space. Some of the signature exhibits include a full Navajo hogan, the Mareen Allen Nichols Collection containing 260 pieces of contemporary jewelry, the Barry Goldwater Collection of 437 historic Hopi kachina dolls, and an exhibit on the 19th century boarding school experiences of Native Americans. The Heard Museum attracts about 250,000 visitors a year. We also have the Arizona Science Center, Fleischer Museum, Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum, Arizona Historical Society Museum, Phoenix Museum of History, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park Old town Glendale also has interesting places, including a Bead museum and Mystic shops for anything with astrology, Tarot, Runes, Aura reading, etc etc etc. We have a HUGE gay pride festival that is an absolute ball to attend. Tempe is a fun University town with tons of things to do locally. As far as PHX (the "main" city) there's not too much. The most of this stuff is in the PHX metro area. We have a largely Hispanic demographic. At the 2007 U.S. Census estimates, the city's population was: 76.7% White (Including white mixed with others) 48.1% non-Hispanic-White alone 6.0% Black or African American 2.4% American Indian and Alaska Native 2.7% Asian 0.2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 14.1% some other race 1.9% two or more races 41.5% Hispanic or Latino of any race

its hot and there are cute guys

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