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Pros and cons of Phoenix, Arizona?

Pros and cons of Phoenix, Arizona?
I currently live in Colorado Springs and have lived here almost my entire life. I don't like it here, i hate the cold, as well as any type of precipitation. I'm considering moving to Phoenix to attend school. What are the pros and cons of this town?
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Pros: Fun, fun, fun city....lots to do, lots of college age folks. Cons: Hot, hot, hot city....CRAZY hot. You will have fun at School in Phoenix.....good luck!! ;)

move to tempe....go to asu, its a good college town area, phx is wack, lived there for a few months and i thought i was going to go crazy, its awful...a def con is the heat, dry unbearable heat (even if you hate the cold, trust me, phx heat is too much), another con is the night life, yet another con is the distance you have to drive to get anywhere.... tempe has a good night life/bar scene....good luck...

well your gonna have to look forward to the heat which hits over 100 degrees, one up side is if you are going to buy a house out in az you can get a lot for your money.

I live north of Phoenix and it gets hot. In the summer we get monsoon storms but it only last between July and August not bad temps get high but it a "dry heat" don't get all sticky like some other states. The traffic can be bad but like any large city. Phoenix has a lot to offer job wise and fun wise. We have sports and lots of concerts and shows that come here. I would say most winters its not too cold a sweatshirt is most of the time all you would need, if you miss the cold the snow is only about 2 1/2 hours away

i move to Phoenix from South DAkota to escape the cold winters an d i m ready to move back, It HOT, the cost off living is high from SD, and everything is a Rush, the traffic is terrible, and people are rude! not all, but the majority, i moved with my family, I suppose if it were only me it might be diffrent, maybe even fun.

My family moved there in '84. They wouldn't think of coming back to Michigan until September to get some tomatoes. Lots of stuff to do in the Phoenix area. Beautiful. Just don't go to the south side or Sky Harbor airport neighborhoods.Lots of illegals there. Crazy drivers in Phoenix. They will honk at you for NOT running a red light!! Great downtown, Scotsdale, Mesa. You would like it. My wife would never move. I would've if I could've!!

Everyone has been moving here, so besides being extremely hot and over 110 degrees lately (and it will get hotter than that in the next couple of months) it is very crowded, the traffic is horrible, there's lots of crime, etc. But there is a lot to do in the area.

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